Today’s Language Learning: More Than Ink

CC Licensed Credit Flickr user CollegeDegrees 360

Literacy today is more than reading and writing. Reading today is more than print. Writing today is more than ink. To engage my second language learners, I developed a blended learning unit on picture books that utilised both traditional and new literacies, and both analogue and digital tools. The whole unit was delivered via Edmodo […]

Rolling Out With Google Play for Education – Getting Smart by Alison Anderson – 1:1, EdTech, GAFE, Google, mlearning, tabs | Getting Smart


The news broke a few weeks back that Google Play for Education was ready for teachers. Being a faithful user of all devices Apple, I was not sure if I should really “go there” and try and dig into what Google now has to offer teachers implementing devices in the classroom. Really, my mind is […]

What is the impact of geography on our ability to connect with the world? — THINK Global School

CC Licensed Credit Flickr user Mishel Churkin

On December 6th, 2012, Buenos Aires’ name became ironic. While the morning routine of making coffee and walking to work was uneventful (aside from the rain and rolling thunder), those of us sitting in the staff room started to receive emails, phone calls and tweets about a toxic cloud that was covering the “City of Good […]

5 Must Read Guides for Teachers Using or intending to Use iPads with Students ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

CC Licensed Credit Flickr user Flickingerbrad

iPad, as some argue, is leading a silent but radical revolution in the world of education. It is now being embraced by a budding host of schools as the official learning device in the classroom and though we are still in the embroyinic stages of the integration of this device in instruction, yet the first […]

10 Ways to Teach Innovation | MindShift

CC Licensed. Credit flickr member poptech

One overriding challenge is now coming to the fore in public consciousness: We need to reinvent just about everything. Whether scientific advances, technology breakthroughs, new political and economic structures, environmental solutions, or an updated code of ethics for 21st century life, everything is in flux—and everything demands innovative, out of the box thinking. The burden […]

An eLearning Revolution, and It’s Starting in Rural Africa | Stephan Spencer

Stephan Spencer Internet Entrepreneur, Founder of Netconcepts

Meet Elizabeth, a twelve-year-old who walked over 10 kilometers to school and back every day. Despite her class being crowded — sometimes with 75 children for each teacher — and her teachers often being from outside the community, regularly overwhelmed and sometimes missing their teaching obligations — she was lucky to receive an education at […]

MindShift’s Big Ideas of 2013: Focus on Learning | MindShift

Photo Credit: Erin Scott

It might feel overwhelming to keep track of the latest education trends, jargon, and ed-tech products. But for many educators — and most MindShift readers — the topic of focus that stays top-of-mind above the chatter is learning. A look through the most popular MindShift posts this year reveals that, despite all the news about […]

What Makes an Authentic Leader?

December 14, 2013 · Mindfulness | Leadership

We listen to someone on stage. The message resonates yet we wonder if this person is really authentic. We listen to an interview and the conversation seems authentic. Yet we wonder if a similar tenor of exchange happens in the privacy of their home or office. We call individuals to be an authentic leader yet […]

In Digital Age, Schools That Succeed are Schools That Connect | MindShift

School of One in New York City leverages technology throughout the school day. By Shelly Blake-Plock

A few months ago, I posted an article by Shelly Blake-Plock called 21 Things in Education That Will be Obsolete in 2020, which lists some of the ways in which the face of schools will change in less than a decade. In this op-ed, which originally appeared in the Baltimore Sun, he describes what exactly […]

The importance of student reflection — THINK Global School

2013 By Lee Carlton

Since our first term in Stockholm, Sweden, a heavy focus has been placed on encouraging our students to capture their thoughts through the process of reflection. It is an activity that is commonplace in schools, but particularly useful at one that spans the globe and features dynamic classrooms. So why are reflections such an important […]


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