The Evaluation of My Dreams

Performance Eval

Carol Ann Tomlinson In the education job that exists always in my dreams—and sometimes in my reality—here’s what I’d encounter in terms of evaluation. My ideal evaluator would care deeply about the work I do and would have a vision for how that work, done artfully, contributes to the betterment of people. He or she […]

Coming Home from Study, Travel and Living Abroad

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Relationships, Roots, and Unpacking By Jim Citron and Vija Mendelson Cross-cultural reentry—what happens when you come home from living abroad—has interested researchers for more than 50 years. Early writers saw reentry largely as a set of problems or challenges that returnees suffered. One, Asuncion-Lande, even compiled a list of 50 types of reentry difficulties, ranging […]

What are Global and International Education?

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Published by: National Council for the Social Studies Descriptors The terms global education and international education are used to describe strategies for: gaining knowledge of world cultures; understanding the historical, geographic, economic, political, cultural, and environment relationships among world regions and peoples; examining the nature of cultural differences and national or regional conflicts and problems; […]

A Lesson Learned About School Leadership – Global Learning

Teacher and students

By Anthony Jackson on March 7, 2013 5:51 AM The latest MetLife Survey of the American Teacher focused on the challenges of school leadership. The opinion data shows that job satisfaction among principals and other leaders is at a 25-year low. Most of the dissatisfaction is attributed to outside pressures. Academically speaking, one of those […]

Online Education Poised to Transform the World!

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MOOCs to be as transformative as ‘BOOCs’ By Rik Myslewski in Mountain View Ethernet Summit During an interview at the Ethernet Innovation Summit in Mountain View, California, Ethernet inventor Robert Metcalfe was asked what surprises were on the horizon due to the ever more pervasive advance of the internet. “The most exciting surprise, I think, is going […]

Where Is Home for a Third-Culture Kid? –

kids on stairs

PARIS — When golden poppies blanket the hills of Northern California, it’s the annual season to dispatch my daughter — a summertime American — for home. Home is a complex word in our stone farmhouse in the country outside Paris, where we all possess different passports. My teenage daughter has two: one, wine-red from France; […]

The International Education Chat Forum #IntEdchat on Twitter!

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Originally posted on The International Educator:
International educators have unique concerns and issues when it comes to education. Connect with other global-minded professionals in the field of education. Moderated Discussion Every Wednesday 6:00pm Beijing time and 6:00pm Central European time. Topics to be discussed include (but are not limited to)… Curriculum Leadership Support Technology Relocation Job Fairs Culture Pro-D Best…


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