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4 Reasons for the Decline of Creativity

There seems to be the well-founded belief now a days that creativity among our youth is on the decline. For the most part, reasons attributed to this decline vary, but popular opinion suggests that it’s the direct result of standardized testing and the expectation among some that teachers teach to these tests. I see a […]

Current Trends in Education


4 Steps for Getting Started with Student Digital Portfolios

Not sure how to get started with ePortfolios for your students? Here’s what you need to know. Even before the concept of student portfolios was formalized, teachers collected and shared student work. They used writing folders during conferences or displayed science projects for open house. As the digital era has taken hold, portfolios have become […]

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The Path to Digital Citizenship | Edutopia

  I’ve written and taught about digital citizenship for several years. And, while the term is new in our lexicon, the meaning spans generations. The simple acts of carrying oneself in a civil, appropriate manner are skillsets that have been integrated into every classroom since the very first school. Many would argue that digital citizenship […]

International School Culture

In a bubble

International schools: Do we want to put our kids in a bubble ?

My son is not even one year old yet, so technically I still have plenty of time to think about his educational path. Yet I am worried and concerned about what I should do.  For a child with multicultural roots like mine, is it really the best decision to enroll him into an international school? […]

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International Leaders

Hunting Season: A Field Guide to Finding the Right International School Leader | teachwatts

Hunting Season: A Field Guide to Finding the Right International School Leader As recruiting season is around the corner for international schools and job continue to be posted on TieOnline, I find myself wondering what higher education could be doing to better prepare our school leaders for the challenges they will face while working overseas. […]

Profissional Development

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Flat Connections and Global Educators  – Sandbox Negotiations

Thanks to Julie Lindsay and my Flat Connections colleagues across the country and globe, I am now a certified Global Educator. I joined the Flat Connections Global Educator course because I wanted to find a space where I could grow past my own understandings of how we learn and form a network of innovative educators […]

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New Canadian teacher

CBC News – New Canadian teachers head abroad amid tight job market

Newly qualified Canadian teachers frustrated with the over-saturated teaching market in many major Canadian cities are setting their sights on international schools abroad, where they say professional and personal benefits far outweigh those back home. Ontario to overhaul teachers’ college, halve admissions The Current: Changing the way teachers are taught in Ontario Fewer students interested in […]

Introspectively Ed.


A Principal’s Reflections: Communicating in the Information Age

In case you didn’t know we had quite a bit of snow last night in the Northeast. As I was outside in the bone-chilling cold shoveling piles of snow I began to reflect upon how my professional practice has changed in a few short years when it comes to snow days.  Typically in the past […]

RSS International Schools Review

  • 40+ Expat Teachers Banned from Russia April 17, 2014
    On April 16th, An International Schools Review member posted the following Review of Atlantic International School, Moscow: “Please read about the extreme trouble that Atlantic in Moscow has had this year. Google: Moscow Times Atlantic International School. Read the articles carefully & understand the implications that having a Visa from this school can […]

RSS Teaching Internationally

  • Canadian Vandals strike on the Shanghai American School campus! March 2, 2014
    Canadians are a diabolical bunch I know what you’re thinking when you read that headline, “What are Canadians doing working at Shanghai American School?” Yes, it’s true, many Canadians are employed at my school and they actually contribute quite a lot to it and are very gifted teachers, admin, and coaches. However, when the US […]
    Chris Polley

RSS Moving at the Speed of Creativity

  • Tender and Sweet First Grade Blog Comments April 17, 2014
    Most of the teachers at my wife’s elementary school in Oklahoma City have starting using KidBlog with their students this semester for interactive writing, and students as well as parent volunteers are getting involved with commenting. This comment thread on a first grader’s photo post about his animal project is tender and [...]
    Wesley Fryer

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